Porta - Adventure Part 2

Posted on 2017-11-02

The next morning Porta left the city aboard the Sea Pearl Ferry. Seated in their stern, on the engines that made the boat fly over the waves, we crossed the bay. We leave behind the Bridge of the Americas, the connecting link on the canal. We pass the Amador Causeway and then cross in front of the city skyline. Everything was left behind and finally we entered in open sea towards the archipelago of the Pearls.

One of the most biodiverse archipelagos in the world. Hummingbirds, balloon fish, corals, pelicans, oysters. The land, sea and sky of the Pearl Islands have a large collection of birds, fish and flora.
The destination of the ferry was Contadora Island, an old Spanish colony where an inventory of Spanish ships was made before they carried the load of pearls to the peninsula; But it was not our destination. We loaded our bags into a panga and sailed to the less known Saboga island. A remote island, barely inhabited, where you enjoy a full contact with nature. From white sand beaches bordered by palm trees and covered with a virgin jungle.

We landed on the beach and got on a 4x4 that took us through the island town. A handful of modest and colorful buildings. The road continues and goes into a jungle and finally ends at the other end of the island, where El Remanso awaits us. A wooden house facing the beach, divided into different apartments, with large porches overlooking the horizon. A horizon that blushes when, at dusk, the sun drops down here and says farewell to El Remanso before disappearing for one night.

In El Remanso we receive the owners, Jeniffer and Lee. During the three days that we are there we are welcomed and cared for as if we were a family visit. We have breakfast together, have long conversations on a porch overlooking the sea and we know each other a bit more. Porta and Andrea are the strongest couple you can imagine. Despite the pressure of fame they stand firm and continue with the head where they should have: on the shoulders.

Saboga is a paradise where you can not just rest. In fact it is one of the best places to sail and snorkel. Jacob and Yaiza, from Força 3 Sailing Club, know how to guide us through the island to discover its secrets and enjoy its nature.

With sailboats of Força 3 Sailing Club we sail around Saboga. Porta discovered himself as a skilful navigator, able to handle the rudder, control the canopy and even hang overboard to enjoy the sea running beneath it. Andrea, on the other hand, with courage and dexterity also fought, but in one of the maneuvers, due to a blow of wind, overturned the sailboat. Fortunately, it was all a fun experience, and Jacob gave us a master class on how to float the sailboat in the middle of the sea. Much easier than it may seem.

Once we master the sailboats, we leave the coast to visit the uninhabited islet Bartolomé. An island surrounded by corals and a turquoise blue sea ideal for snorkeling. There we submerged repeatedly and saw a multitude of fish and found the precious oysters that centuries ago nourished pearls to the Spanish ships. It is a rich seabed, full of surprises and beautiful corners. Before returning we rest on the beaches of the islet, wide expanses of white sand at our disposal. Until the tide decides to charge it and slowly the beach disappears under the waves and we have to sail back home.

We return to El Remanso with Jennifer and Lee and also with Jacob, from Força 3 Sailing Club, to say goodbye on our last night in the archipelago. A barbecue facing the sea, with chicken and “entraña” and peppers and potatoes and rum, especially rum. And the farewell continued between laughter and anecdotes, until Porta stopped being Porta and became Christian.
The next morning, to lower the banquet the night before, Jacob gave a master class to Christian and Andrea of paddle board. And, although none had done it before, both dominated the table immediately and took a turn in front of the paradisiacal beach of El Remanso.

We took the ferry back and upon arriving again did not waste time getting on the Toyota Rush. Ahead we had more than an hour by car. We left the city, the bustle, the people, the asphalt, the skyscrapers. We do not stop in the cities that surround the capital, nor in the towns. We continued our way through the Panamericana and did not stop until we reached the palm trees, until we reached the sea, to the grasslands. We did not stop until we reached Punta Chame. Until arriving at Nitro City.

We arrived at night, when Nitro City shows its calm face. A large garden with swimming pool and apartments in front of the beach. Where the waves caress you with your breath. Where the stars shine. A resort about an hour from the city where to rest and disconnect.

The next morning Nitro City showed us his other face. The one of the cross-country motorcycles, the booggies, the kitesurf. He showed us why it is the house of adrenaline. It's the impossible jumping place to pool, watercraft racing, Paint Ball battles.

Christian opted for jetsurfing. It was a morning of tests and errors until I mastered the board and I enjoy the speed on the waves.
Afterwards we enjoyed some great pizzas in Nitro City. And once we regained strength, we returned to action. On a boogie we rode the beaches of Nitro City at dusk again and again until we could not go any further.

Our time at the adrenaline resort was over and it was time to return to the city, but not time to return home.
Before leaving Panama, Porta had to dedicate a few words to his Panamanian and international fans, who are many. No better way to do it than through the 40 Principals. There he gave a small interview in which he talked about all the adventure, the places of Panama that he liked the most and the team that accompanied him all week. All this is broadcast live over the internet from a Samsung Galaxy Edge 7.

Unfortunately the week was over and it was time to rest before the trip. The Estado Latente team stayed at the Hotel Riande Granada and there we said goodbye to Porta before his flight. His adventure had come to an end, but when we left him at the airport one thing was clear: it was his first visit, but not the last.

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