Morgan & Slater - Adventure Part 1

Posted on 2017-11-03

It was easy to recognize Slater Trout at the airport among the crowd of passengers getting off the plane. About a meter ninety, the build of an action hero and the paddle and surf boards under his arm. The PanamaBestInfluencer VR360 and Estado Latente team recognized him instantly. Slater had had a long flight from Los Angeles with Copa Airlines, but would not stay long with his feet on the ground.

From Tocumen International Airport we went in our car, Toyota Rush, to Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport. We walked the city very early and still caught the morning lock. We arrived on time to catch the next flight of the day.

We landed at Bocas del Toro International Airport on Isla Colón. Here we were expecting Morgan, the second influencer in the week with more adrenaline of PanamaBestInfluencer VR360.
The town of Bocas del Toro is full of life. The two-storey wooden houses are colorful and are on the side and side of a wide road adorned with palm trees. There are plenty of cyclists, surfboards, terraces, sun and Caribbean breezes. An ideal place to eat, drink and have fun, but it was not our destination. Morgan Oliver-Allen had prepared something special to welcome his friend.

We got on a boat and left Colon Island. We took a trip on the waves that break in the labyrinth of mangroves and islands that is the archipelago of Bocas del Toro. We did not know what Morgan had prepared until, somewhere in that labyrinth of blue streets and green walls, we arrived at an island where a jetty, a sailboat, a house on the water, and a seaplane awaited us.

There were Fred and Mike, Mike and Fred. Two friends of Morgan who had prepared a flight over Bocas del Toro so that Morgan and Slater could do one of their favorite pastimes. We also played a role and gave us very precise instructions.


Morgan and Slater boarded the seaplane and we returned to the boat. First they took off, then we sailed. We leave that island forever with a new course. We had an important task. Morgan and Slater were about to parachute to land on a beach in Isla Bastimentos. We had to advance and draw on the beach an arrow to indicate the direction of the wind. The seaplane engine had to warn us of its arrival, but the roar of the outside ledge filled our ears.

When we reached Isla Bastimentos, we left the boat with a jump. We did not know how much time we had before the jump. We clear the beach of seaweed and branches and draw an arrow to indicate the direction of the wind. In our heads the memory of the outboard bounced us when we heard a new engine. We looked at the sky but we did not see anything. Just an immense blue in the morning sun. Then, out of nowhere, two colored candles appear in the sky and descend like feathers caught in a draft. They dance between them and alone. They cross, turn on each other. They become larger as they approach us until they take on a huge size and we distinguish the men hanging from the parachutes.

We left the runway free and Morgan and Slater land on the beach. Between shouts of euphoria and leaps of excitement. They just made a perfect jump and it's only the first day.
That night we stayed in Azul Paradise. A bungalow hotel in the sea and houses at the foot of the beach; Where you can see the sunrise and not lose sight of the whole day. A place of white sand beaches, tall palms and warm emerald water. An ideal place to rest after the adrenaline rush. We spent a quiet evening enjoying the cocktails and cooking of the Azul Paradise; Under a sky of infinite stars and with the sea so close we only had to stretch our leg to get our feet.

The next day we returned to Isla Colon. It was time to leave the sky to devote ourselves to the sea. There are many beaches in Bocas del Toro, all of them Caribbean. But among all you stand out, not for your comfort, nor for your sun. It is not for the juices, or their palms. It is by its waves. At Bluff Beach the waves crash into the orange sand and the crowd one after another like a storm sea, but with the Caribbean sun. There Morgan and Slater took as many waves as they could. The roar of the sea when the tide breaks, the foam that falls on them like pellets, the arms hitting each row and on the horizon something moves and another wave approaches.

We would have spent all day surfing if, suddenly, a Caribbean shower had not been untied. The already violent waters of Playa Bluff became even wilder and we had to retreat from the sea.
The Caribbean had moved and we could not surf. We did go back to Azul Paradise to enjoy the beach and the hotel. A quiet and relaxed day in paradise. But Morgan and Slater had a great idea.

We were on the boat ride to Azul Paradise. On the deck was the table, still wet. The sea had subsided, and the sun rose from the clouds, giving us a golden sunset. The ship cut the waves like a razor that slides on a mantle of aquamarine silk. Slater and Morgan had been quiet for too long. They needed action.

With a razor we cut one of the ends of the boat and tie the end to the stern. We threw the board overboard and Slater jumped into the sea; He grabbed the handle. Slowly the engine woke, the rope tightened and dragged Slater, with the table in the feet, leapt to the surface and slid across the surface.

He walked that way all the way. The table surfed the waves, zigzagged after the wake of the boat, now with one hand, now greet, now the waves jump. Until we reach Azul Paradise and stop to rest before continuing the adventure.

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