Patrick Vollert - Adventure Part 1

Posted on 2017-11-07

Patrick Vollert's welcome; the winner of the first phase. Was atypical in Panama Best Influencer VR 360. First he did not arrive at the airport because he already lives in Panama. Second, he appeared alone as his brother and adventure partner, Mark Vollert, could not come the first night.

Estado Latente team welcome you at the Waldorf Hotel. In the hall that combines the luxury of the Waldorf chain with the typical decoration of the Caribbean and Panama. There we explained how his adventure will be and we chatted with him. We are surprised by the closeness and warmth of El Capi from the first moment. He is looking forward to working and having fun with us during the Panama Best Influencer VR 360 adventure.

On the first morning we travel to Marcos A. Galabert International Airport where Mark Vollert is waiting for us. Once we are all take us to the runway and show us the plane that will take us to the destination. It is a tiny plane. We flew for about an hour through a dense cloud of rain. The water slides through the windows and we see nothing but gray, gray and gray. Until the sun opens and under us appears the archipelago of San Blas that extends as far as the eye can see. We landed, but, on the mainland. On a runway that is little more than a cement tongue facing the Caribbean: Iguadinuidiginya airport. Thus we arrive at Guna Yala.

Next to the airport is the pier where our hosts were waiting for us: the Kuna. With kindness they help us to get on the boat and we set sail to an archipelago that has an island for every day of the year.

We arrived at Yandup Island Londge, a hotel complex made up of log cabins scattered over a not-so-large island. So little big that you can walk end to end in five minutes through its green floor covered with coconut trees. We stayed in one of the cabins, all facing the sea. A hammock hangs on the terrace. It is a paradise, a shipwreck island but with the comforts of civilization. But Patrick Vollert and Mark Vollert have not come to rest. Street 7 veterans will not spend a week in a hammock drinking pina coladas and mojitos.

We take a boat and sail to one of the many deserted islands that surround the Yandup Island Londge. A tiny piece of land covered with corals, palm trees and grass. There the Vollert brothers improvise a training in the middle of the wild nature. They beat coconuts with huge logs, climb and hang from the palm trees and snorkel among the immense corals of the archipelago.

When the earth soon knows them, the Vollert brothers take a cayuco and set out to explore the islands. Soon they discover a reef where the sea breaks. They try to catch the waves, but the cayuco is too heavy and they do not reach enough speed. Luckily, we got a cayac and the Vollert tandem goes back to the sea. This time they catch the waves, one after another, surf with the cayac dodging the reef at the last moment.

On returning to the hotel we enjoyed a meal based on seafood, the Kuna's main meal. It has been a first day full of nature and sport, but tomorrow will be very different.

We went to the Ukupseni community accompanied by David, our guide. A Kuna town united to the mainland by a bridge over the sea that gives directly to the airport. The community is made up of the traditional houses of the Kuna. They are wooden houses and high ceilings with several levels. The streets are of earth and sand, some wide and others narrow, delimited by fences of branches. In the squares hang fabrics full of colors and geometric motifs.

When we arrive from the community we receive a handful of children playing in the street. David explains the origins of his culture. In the distance, from the hinges of the gates, from every corner, the other Kuna observe us. We enter the streets and little by little appear fans of Patrick Vollert and Mark Vollert. They stop, greet them, take pictures with them. Behind us the handful of children has folded.

We arrived at the main street where the whole village awaits our arrival. At every step everyone wants a photo with Patrick and Mark. They want El Capi to teach their muscles, to take their babies. The handful of children has become a sea of ​​boys who prevent us from seeing the ground, which surround us with their games and their desire for fun. We are surrounded by a tide of love and admiration towards the two stars of Calle 7 that teach us their community and their customs.

We see a traditional Kuna dance, the craft of the island, explain the history, also how its administration works and how they adapted to the new times. We enjoy with their stories and their displays of affection until we have to return. When we get back to the jetty behind our back we accumulate more people than we can count. They say goodbye to us when we return to the boat and even some children follow us in cayuco for a while.

That night we rested at the Yandup Island Londge. It was a very intense day, full of emotions and feeling, but it was restful because the next one would be a trip of madness.

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