Patrick Vollert - Adventure Part 2

Posted on 2017-11-08

The day of Patrick Vollert  in Panama Best Influencer VR360 started in the Caribbean. On the runway at Iguadinuidiginya airport the plane landed to take us back to Panama City. This time we enjoyed a peaceful journey, clear skies. We passed over huge expanses of water and jungle. We saw up to three rainbows together as the light of dawn passed through the dampness of the air.

We arrived at the end of Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, but we had only just begun. We got on our Toyota Rush and set off for Colon. Our destination was the Visitor Center of Aguas Claras on the Panama Canal. There we met Carolina Fabrega our mentor in this adventure and along with the guide of the center we discovered the secrets and curiosities of the new channel. Where the freighters, large as leviathan, cross the narrow channel with quiet passage.

After the visit we return to the Toyota Rush and take the Panamericana. Our last destination of the day is six hours away. During the long journey we see the sun fall and the darkness spread on the road. When we get to Playa Venao everyone sleeps at Hotel El Sitio and at the Beach Break. This ended the day with more trips in Panama BestIn fluencer VR360. From the Caribbean to the Pacific by sea, air and land in less than 24 hours.

The next morning, from the balconies of the Hotel El Sitio, Patrick Vollert and Mark Vollert have a privileged view of the entire beach; and when the waves wake up they are the first to catch the boards.

In Venao the surf is abundant, not to say endless. Patrick and Mark entered the sea early in the morning and there they made waves. On the boards, paddling, standing up, cutting the water, the Vollert brothers make surfing seem like an easy sport. They hold in the water all they can, until they are exhausted and soaked, deafened by the roar of the waves, until the sun falls and the sea becomes a huge black mass. Only then do they get off the boards and retreat to the Beach Break. There they enjoy homemade pizzas, the best of Venao, and a wide selection of pastas, nothing better to recover strength after a day of surfing.

The next morning we will enjoy the sea in a different way. By the hand of Isla Cañas Marina Panama Adventures, we enter the mangroves of Isla Cana on board paddle boards. Mark and Patrick have no problem snaking the board between the branches and roots of the mangrove. We entered the narrow canals and even opened new avenues by brushing away the weeds with our oars.

With the change of tide it becomes impossible to continue in the mangrove, besides a morning in the water tires to anyone. So we get out of the water and go to one of the best restaurants in Venao, Panga. A restaurant whose menu changes seasonally as it is nourished by natural ingredients grown in an ecological way. We eat different types of fresh fish and a roasted chicken that would make a king cry. The terrace of Panga looks directly at the sea, the breeze whispers and the waves growl. The sand glows with the afternoon sun. Although we want to stay here forever we must continue with the adventure.

With our Toyota Rush we leave the main road and take a mountain road. The Toyota holds up smoothly through bumps and stones, but the road holds another challenge. The dirt track disappears when a river clears it from the ground, but it is not a problem. We get into the river with the SUV and continue upstream until we reach our destination: a jet of fresh water in Azuero.

It is a waterfall that winds down a stone throat to die in a lagoon. Patrick and Mark do not waste time and immediately submerge themselves in the cold waters. Then they reach the rocky gorge and enter it and climb it to explore the place. We find other smaller ponds up the throat and a small waterfall where a few freshwater fishes abound.

Our day ends there and with him the week of adventure of Patrick Vollert and Mark Vollert in Panama BestIn fluencer VR 360. On the way back to Panama City the Estado Latente team know that we must bid farewell, but we have the consolation that the Vollert brothers will not be far from this cute country.

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